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People come to this site for a lot of reasons: they happened upon it; they’re looking for particular information.

Use the Links section, in the right hand column of this blog, to find more from other websites on these and other topics. Many of my favourites are posted there.

If you are interested in a particular topic and wish to see more from this blog on a topic, click on any item under Categories.

Some of the most common search engine terms people use when they find this blog are:

  • Toronto Demographics
    • See the sidebar with links to the Toronto’s Social Atlas, Health Profiles and Neighbourhood Profiles
  • Toronto Crime
    • See the sidebar with links Toronto Police Statistics and the Toronto Star maps
  • Toronto Parking Rules
    • See the posting on parking
  • Toronto Ethnic Enclaves
    • See the postings on demographics and enclaves and the demographic links
  • TDSB Learning Opportunity Index
    • See the posts on the same topic

And thanks for visiting!

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