2006 Toronto demographics

Map of Toronto

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If you are feeling like a real demographic data geek, you’ll enjoy this presentation titled, Demographics of Toronto: A visual presentation of population sub-groups. It was assembled for a Toronto consortium meeting of the Canadian Social Data Strategy by Harvey Low, the City’s planning analyst who convenes the group of community agencies and city divisions.

Topics include 2006 census variables on population and age variables, immigration, and income. There is also a draft of a “mosaic indicator” to measure diversity and the degree to which Toronto neighbourhoods are ethnic enclaves.

If you are looking for more specific data, take a look at the links on the side of this blog. They include links to a range of sites. Particularly interesting is the City of Toronto’s Toronto-wide and neighbourhood level data across a range of domains.

The Toronto Wellbeing Index has now been released by the City of Toronto. It maps census data as well as a wide array of administrative data at the neighbourhood level in Toronto.

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