Happy Blogday, Belonging Community!

A year ago, I started this blog with the classic rookie mistake of naming my blog differently than the URL. Despite my zeal outweighing my wisdom, I knew that interesting ideas were worth sharing and that others might be interested in some of the same issues I am.

The blog began as an exploration of the idea of how we live together in urban communities and the structures and institutions within them that shape our lives.

Author Dionne Brand once described Toronto as “a city that has never happened before.” It’s a favourite quote of mine and what I set out to explore in each post.

Since then I’ve published 58 posts (and drafted another 30). Readership has built to an average 18 hits a day and a total of 3,600 through the year.

The top ten most popular posts have been:

Title Views
Toronto swimming pools: Class in session 220 More stats
The TDSB’s Learning Opportunity Index 193 More stats
Ethnic enclaves in Toronto, 2001 – 2006 119 More stats
Toronto Police Services Board ordered to 103 More stats
A white resident’s dilemma: gentrificati 98 More stats
Crime and social cohesion in Toronto nei 95 More stats
Roots of Violence report 91 More stats
Ontario School Information Finder 89 More stats
2006 Toronto demographics 88 More stats
Mapping tools add new dimensions to soci 78 More stats

I’ve had a lot of fun sharing what I have learned, whether at community meetings, the release of new research reports, or thoughts “from my front porch.” (And I have stayed up way too late!)

Thanks for a good year!

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