Bed Bugs: A call for action in Toronto

The reports are in: bed bugs aren’t just found in nursery rhymes.

In case you missed the media hyperbole a few weeks ago, it was stunning. The National Post led with the story of the spread of bed bugs on transit vehicles and other public spaces. CBC’s The National covered the release of the two reports, released simultaneously, at Toronto City Hall. A section of the print story on the CBC website was subtitled “psychologically terrorized.”

The stories reflected the panicky mood of the 100+ crowd who attended the launch of the reports, commissioned by Habitat Services and WoodGreen Community Services.  Many of those in attendance felt compelled to speak from the floor after the presentation, and boxes of reports disappeared by the armload.

The two bed bug reports focus on the policy responses required to combat the spread of bed bugs and, also, on what to do if you are battling the pests.

The message was clear: bed bugs are back. Toronto Public Health has already agreed to direct some of its scarce resources to low income residents faced with the high costs of extermination.

Both reports are available on the WoodGreen website in the What’s New section. [Full disclosure: this is the agency where I work.]

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