Next Web 2.0 generation of Belonging Community

Welcome to the renewed version of Belonging Community. You’ll see a few differences and a number of improvements.

When I started this blog, I made one of those rookie mistakes – its name didn’t match its URL. So after more than two years, it seemed time to correct that and time for an overall refresh. By now, the early generation template I was using was also seeming dated.

So Belonging Community has a new home on the web and new look. The two column format allows for easier scanning of recent posts. Menus at the top of the page allow you to pick your favourite topics and negotiate your way through the site more easily. Posts are also easier to share through other social media channels.

Twitter has also exploded onto the scene since I began this blog. So a lot of my in situ reporting at city events have been Tweeted, rather than blogged. In a bid to keep current, Wordpress has recently made it easier to upload blog posts through e-mail. So, along with the usual longer posts, this will enable shorter, newsier  (and more frequent!) updates.

I hope you continue to enjoy the reinvigoration as much as I do!

One Comment to “Next Web 2.0 generation of Belonging Community

  1. Hey Diane,

    Congrats on the site renewal, looks great! Looking forward to more frequent updates and insights from you!



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