Review of Toronto City Services

Not nearly so poetically labelled as the quixotic “gravy train,” the Service Review Program is the next stop on City Council’s search for waste. It will be a quick trip, occurring through much of the summer.

The Services Review Program has three parts:

  1. A Core Services Review which will review all City services to determine which are required by legislation, which are core activities of the City, and which services are discretionary. This part of the Services Review will conclude by this July. Public consultations, both on-line and through four public meetings, will begin in mid-May.
  2. A User Fee Review will do cross-city comparisons to explore which services use fees and whether they are at the right level. This review will be done through summer.
  3. Service Efficiency Studies will also be done on nine City divisions. This is the first round of a more intense examination of each City service department by “3rd party experts.” These recommendations will feed into the 2012 Budget, to be unveiled in November 2011.

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