Hot Docs 2011 in the neighbourhood

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Fe...

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A few good watches for people interested in the topic of community and neighbourhoods at this year’s Hot Docs film festival:

  • The Interrupters: looks at three former gang members who work now to stop violence when it erupts. The focus of earlier magazine articles, this Chicago program has been captured by Director Steve James, who did Hoop Dreams.
  • Bury the Hatchet: explores one Louisiana’s perseverance in maintaining its Mardi Gras traditions rooted in the history of its Aboriginal and Black residents.
  • Battle for Brooklyn: tells the story of a condo owner who has to fight to preserve his neighbourhood from developers.
  • Foreign Parts: is about another fight for a New York City neighbourhood. This time the focus for gentrifying forces is an industrial zone.
  • Living Skin: focuses on the boys in one Egyptian neighbourhood who work in the city’s tanneries.
  • St Henri, the 26th of August: celebrates Montreal’s working class neighbourhood. Two days, decades apart, and 16 film-makers.

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