Majora Carter on "greening the ghetto" and gentrification

Majora Carter came to attention of many on TEDtalks. Explaining her connection to her community, she provided a strong voice about reclaiming the Bronx.

Last spring, she made a splash here in Toronto, making the rounds of City Hall, university circuit, and the media. People came to hear how she and her neighbours rebuilt their community so that their environments were healthier and the local economy supported the aspirations of those who lived in these low-income communities of colour.

This week, Travis Smiley interviewed Carter in a radio bit called Greening Harlem.

Like Jane Jacobs, another New Yorker before her, Carter calls for gentrification and the creation of mixed-income neighbourhoods. The riches change the neighbourhoods where she lives and works. It’s an unidealized perspective on a tough issue in urban neighbourhoods.

Explaining the importance of environmentalism and connection to the land in an urban environment, Carter explained straighforwardly, “If you drink…if you eat food, if you walk and breathe, you are an environmentalist.”

If you haven’t heard this Black woman speak, seen what’s she’s done, take a moment.

2 Comments to “Majora Carter on "greening the ghetto" and gentrification”

  1. uhh…Jane Jacobs did some great things for NYC, but she was originally from Toronto – and died there a few years ago.


    • Toronto is very happy to claim Jane Jacobs as a citizen. Mayors rushed to her side to have their picture taken with her.
      But she was born in the States (Scranton, Penn.), moved to New York as a young woman and, then, to Canada, during the Vietnam war, when her sons were almost enlistment age.


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