Happy 2nd Blogday, Belonging Community!

Two years ago, Belonging Community began. As poet Dionne Brand has said, this is a city that is in the middle of “becoming,” and my hope was to think about Toronto from the level of a city block.

How can schools serve students better? What lives do our neighbours live? What does inequality look like at the neighbourhood level? How do local institutions affect our lives?

One hundred and two posts later, the Top Hits from the past year are:

Crime hotspots across Toronto neighbourhoods 2,992 More stats
Toronto Community Partnership Strategy: 443 More stats
About me 428 More stats
The Ontario HST: a counter-intuitive remedy 385 More stats
Ethnic enclaves in Toronto, 2001 – 2006 365 More stats
“Are there limits to gentrification? 333 More stats
The TDSB’s Learning Opportunity Index 323 More stats
Toronto swimming pools: Class in session 317 More stats
Community Partnership Strategy: NWI 265 More stats
Crime and social cohesion in Toronto 261 More stats
Defining race (and racism) in the TDSB LOI 243 More stats

Crime as you can see is big, with an average of eight hits a day. Other topics are popular because not many people are writing about them. My favourite pieces are less about these big policy pieces than the stories which emerge from living in an urban neighbourhood.

I have also appreciated the new community of bloggers, activists, and researcher that Belonging Community has introduced me to, people like Kevin Harris, Christopher Leo and Leo Romero. Sometimes too, I have even gotten a laugh. Three of the funniest (or strangest ways) people have found the blog recently are by using these search terms:

  • diane dyson emergency
  • ugliest areas of toronto
  • portland flag

Thanks all! It’s been a good year.

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